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A code word that means a hot woman. Used when the woman in question is near.
Holy shit dude, look at that smuda!
by elton kingsley March 13, 2008
Something that is so huge it deserves it's own word. Something so ridiculously big that you have to blink and look again, just to make sure it was, in fact, that big.
That's the biggest rob sized snow cone I've ever seen!
by elton kingsley March 13, 2008
A super small thing. Something so small that it is unbelievable that such a product would be produced.
That can is sabe sized, so it's not even worth buying. Lets buy the rob sized one instead!!!
by elton kingsley March 13, 2008
The biggest Fascist of them all. Believe, or spend an eternity in a fiery concentration camp.
Jesus was the coolest man alive, nah mean?
by elton kingsley March 12, 2008

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