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Adult Swim originally was the time that children weren't allowed in the pool, allowing the older crowd to swim in relative peace. Adult Swim can be applied to any time that a select group is allowed priveleges.
The website had an adult swim from eight to ten every night, when only paying members could participate.
by elston October 19, 2004
Destroyed, murdered. Denotes a catastrophe. From the Watership Down glossary of Lapine, the language of rabbits.
'Zorn! Zorn!' cried the dreadful squealing voice. 'All dead! O Zorn!'"
by elston March 22, 2005
Pivitia is the nasty stinging bile that comes up in your throat occasionally when you burp.
That dinner gave me some very intense pivitia, and I can't seem to get the taste out of my mouth.
by elston October 19, 2004
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