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The only thing separating two people from a good time. It is found on men as boxers that do a poor job of concealing what lies underneath. It is found women as panties that are sexy as hell no matter if you can see under them or not. Underwear can be removed easily by dragging them down from the waist and past the feet. However, they are removed even more easily by grabbing them by both sides and, with a swift and rough motion, yanking them hard enough until they have ripped completely off the person. Believa. Only then shall you obtain the prize beneath, whether that be a penis (or Elephant) or vagina.
My underwear is black with a single white stripe. My girl rips them off when she's being feisty and we stay up all night.
by Ellisniss MGP January 17, 2010
A religious extremist group based in Topeka, Kansas lead by Fred Phelps. The church is made of mainly the Phelps family because nobody else is screwed up enough to join. Phelps's daughter, Shirley Phelps-Roper is the main spokesperson for the church, making appearances on talk shows, radio shows, and the news to be verbally abused by those with common sense. The main focus of the church is that God hates everything and everyone besides the members of the church. In their minds, God's wrath on humanity is the death of our sons and daughters in Iraq. The group is easily most famous for its frequent protests and rallies at military funerals and other funerals that they feel like showing up at. They hold up signs that display vulgar messages and images, trying to get our attention. It gets our attention, but not the kind they want. The Westboro Baptist Church has also been called the most hated family in America, which is appropriate.
The Westboro Baptist Church's main website is called "godhatesfags.com." Another site by them is "godhatesamerica.com." Wow.
by Ellisniss MGP December 29, 2009
A close relative to the turd. Ass cakes are dropped in the toilet soon after consuming such things as Monster Energy drinks, Dr. Peppers, Dr. McSteves, or Cake. Ass Cakes pass quickly and quietly with little to no pain or discomfort. Dropping an ass cake is usually a pleasant experience that should not even require you to grab the nearest Playboy. It is advised that you announce to anyone that can hear you when you are about to drop an ass cake. It is vital information. They wish to know of your pleasure.
Greg: Hey man, I gotta go drop an ass cake.
Joe: I love you
by Ellisniss MGP January 17, 2010
The only proven cure for Erectile Dysfunction
Dude, I listened to "Delirium Trigger" by Coheed and Cambria last night and... um... I won't go into detail... but it was awesome.
by Ellisniss MGP December 19, 2009
Progressive rock band from the 1970s. Famous for songs such as "Goodbye Stranger," "The Logical Song," "Breakfast In America," "Take The Long Way Home," "It's Raining Again," , and "Bloody Well Right." However, their better songs were those that were not as popular, such as "Fools Overture," "Another Man's Woman," "A Soapbox Opera," and "Don't Leave Me Now." The main songwriters of Supertramp were Rick Davies (Keyboards) and Roger Hodgson (Keyboards, Guitar). They had one of the most orgasmic sax players of all time, John Helliwell. If you do not yet know of Supertramp, go listen to them NOW.
Roger Hodgson is usually thought of as the reason for Supertramp's success, but Rick Davies was just as good of a songwriter and even better pianist, writing such songs as "Goodbye Stranger," "Bloody Well Right," and "Another Man's Woman."
by Ellisniss MGP January 16, 2010
A mystical instrument forged in the fires of hell to bring about guitargasms to the poor people of the planet Earth. Twas written in the stones that only those that are worthy shall wield this mighty maiden of justice. Such people are James Hetfield, Claudio Sanchez, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, and Ellisniss MGP. The Gibson Explorer's true power may be unleashed when set in the middle of a ten-foot diameter pentagram drawn with the blood of your helpless victims (that listen to country music). You must then perform a satanic ritual to call upon the great god Cthulu and use his magic to give your axe powers granting you the ability to command your army of winged breast dragons to take over the world one city at a time until you are supreme ultra lord of this pitiful planet. However, such power can not be summoned by any mortal. This person must be a guitar GOD.
The Gibson Explorer helped me conquer and enslave the Martians. I then proceeded to extinguish their race. That is why we can't find them.
by Ellisniss MGP January 17, 2010
A perverted assclown that lives on the top of a mountain where he has a telescope he uses to look down women's shirts. He sneaks into houses at night so he can get a good look at women (and in some cases men) in their underwear. He rapes the women of Whoville and murders children. The Grinch is public enemy #1 in over twenty countries worldwide for this reason but nobody is enough of a dumbass to go and mess with him. Those who ascend the heights of Mt. Crumpet seldom return alive or at least a virgin.
Billy traveled to the top of Mt. Crumpet and returned with everything but his dignity and his virginity. Oh damn you, The Grinch!
by Ellisniss MGP January 17, 2010

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