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3 definitions by elliebellie2323

Best kind of breakup to worst and everything in between (best meaning most respectful)
In person
Over video chat
Over skype/phone call
Over IM
Over text
Over e-mail
Having a friend do it for you
Changing your facebook status to "single"
Girl: That asshole just broke up with me over e-mail!
Friend: Ouch. That's pretty low on the breakup hierarchy.
Girl: Yeah. But at least he didn't just change his fb status to "single."
Friend (checking her fb) WHAT THE FRACK???!!!
by elliebellie2323 October 07, 2011
A group of asian friends so close that they are nearly impossible to pry apart.
I'm going out for sushi with my asian pack.
by elliebellie2323 February 20, 2011
what you use in your head to figure out when you and your bf/gf will hit each base.
according to my dating timeline, i'll probably f**k him in a month or two.
by elliebellie2323 August 15, 2011