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what you say if someone starts a conv, or says something that no-one finds a) funny, b) like a pivotal moment in the conv, and c) is of any interest.

usually involves a silence followed by merry saying tumbleweed

what a shit example...
by ellie wade July 10, 2008
using more than one finger for convenience purposes
ellie:'can i use multiple fingers?!'
'leo:yeah, sure i'll just get my vas out...'
by ellie wade July 10, 2008
(pronounced o-r-g-silent k)
the correct spelling of orgy.
involving a minimum of five people...

'do you want to have an orgk?!'
'sure, as long as kay isn't involved.'
'ok then, let's get down to it...'
by ellie wade July 10, 2008
to kick shit a.k.a leonora (leo)
correct spelling: tapqz (silent pqz)
merry:what's that thing you do, david?!
ellie:like, tai chi, tai-o?!i just don;t remember...
david:tae kwon do
merry and ellie:tae kwon do, tae kwon do (whilst violently kicking leo in the shins)
by ellie wade July 10, 2008
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