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A very ditzy girl.
She's loving, kind, beautiful, outgoing and not only cares for her family and friends but loves animals and nature.

Humanist in a way, Camerra will recycle, and take care of any person in need of help.
Girl1- Ewww. that girl over there is picking up trash
Girl2- Dude, she's just recycling, you know the type.
Girl1-Ohhh she's a Camerra
by ellenmahoneyo April 23, 2009
To become so angry at someone, to want to beat them excessively.

I swear to god Ashley, If you don't stop imma bout to pull a Chris Brown on your ass.

Did you hear about James and Carla? Carla totally pulled a Chris Brown on him when she found out he was cheating.
by ellenmahoneyo March 06, 2009
A reverse term for cock blocking
Yesterday I was a total Vag Defender for Carla. Like James wouldn't stop trying to get in her pants.

Yeah, like we were gonna makeout but Jamie decided to Vag Defend me and he ended up just leaving.
by ellenmahoneyo April 13, 2009
A sexual act to spoon cooked Mac N' Cheese in a womans vagina then proceed to eat it out.
Ben totally gave me a Pink Parker last night.
by ellenmahoneyo April 13, 2009
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