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18 definitions by ellen

slang for totally awsome; very cool
Everyone loverd her because she was so groovetastic.
by ellen March 02, 2005
meaning, oh my god in a exasperated or stressed way
im so mad at her, ohmygoshalistic!
by Ellen March 03, 2005
a person who is really annoying or aggravates you in some way or another adn someone whos really gay

see bitch
"wow i cant believe she gave me OSS, shes such a bizcrotch"
by ellen November 22, 2003
wang: another would for penis,dick,cock
Lane:that kind of makes me want to stroke my wang, stroke it all night long
by ellen April 26, 2005
A person who militantly believes that babies are born to be breastfed, that it's a mother's obligation to give her baby its birthright through nursing. Strives for education and the destruction of ignorance.
Melissa is nursing her three-year-old, and has boycotted Nestle Corp. for its formula practices, she's such a boob nazi.
by Ellen April 07, 2005
gee dawg is a kick ass grl who is a damn catholic according to nat dawg and kelly (this gee has nothing to do with the other definitions of gee it is someones last name)
Gee Dawg kicks ass
by Ellen May 15, 2004
1. Dan = Nad
2. Writes with Left Hand
3. See Dan Hart.
Left Nad is a super hot female bodybuilder.

Everyone loves Left Nad.

Left Nad is the greatest boyfriend.
by Ellen December 30, 2004