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A person who militantly believes that babies are born to be breastfed, that it's a mother's obligation to give her baby it's birthright through nursing. Strives for education and the destruction of ignorance.
Melissa is nursing her three-year-old, and has boycotted Nestle Corp. for it's formula practices, she's such a boob nazi.
by Ellen April 05, 2005
A spicy and delicious Cajun stew traditionally made with crawfish, vegetables and a dark roux. Étouffée is usually served over rice. The word comes from the French étouffer, which means to smother.
The Crawfish Etouffee I ate was Delicious!
by Ellen November 02, 2003
When you have good hydro or dank bud, and it is delicious. Thats where the word originates.
This shit is drolicious.
by Ellen February 02, 2005
a type of shitty-ass music that is lipsynched by people who clain to have talent and create drama for themselves and the rest of the fuckign world. these people also are the result of conformity.
pop sucks ass...lets go listen to some nirvana or tool.

another example is just looking through a magazine and you will discover that everyone in the magazine is wearing the smae brands, the same makeup, the same fucking underwear for gods sake. screw all pop lovers.
by ellen April 09, 2004
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