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N. The intended effects of a group of insecure people who all set their facebook statuses about the same lame event or about each other in an attempt to look awesome or exclusive.
"Did you see John's, Paul's, George's, and Ringo's statuses about how much fun they had at the roller derby? I wish I was cool enough to get invited to go with them sometime."-Ben

"Don't wish that. It's all just a status apparatus. They're really just a group of four lonely guys who get together and try to rollerskate their lonliness away."--Ken
by ellejaytea November 03, 2010
A song that no matter the circumstances elevates your mood, often to an almost spiritual level.
*Journey's "Don't Stop Believing* begins playing

"Woah, guys! It's our ecstasing! I know we can win sectionals now!"--Mr. Shuster.
by ellejaytea April 09, 2011
An obnoxious person who updates their Twitter with your idea before you get the chance
Jack- "that's awesome. I'm going to tweet this."

Jill-"you're right!! I just did."

Jack-"You're such a tweet cheat."
by ellejaytea October 31, 2010

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