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A City Known for its Beautiful Brown Skies, Superficial Locals and Sports teams with an Extreme Lack of Respect.
Thank God I don't live in Los Angeles.
by Elleinad April 27, 2003
-A female not nessesarily Jewish or american, who belives that ones appearence is very important and is willing to do whatever it takes to look their best
-has usually large breasts, hips and a smaller waist with good legs, short
-optomistic and happy
-may seem to be superficial but is actually quite intelligent and is usually very educated
-wears very shleppy clothing (like sweats with holes or yoga pants) but manages to look put together
-likes to talk
-generally pleasent towards others
-interested in keeping well groomed
-low pain tolerance
"omg! hi! how are you! what have you been up to latley?"
"Ugh, i need a brazillian already"
by elleinad August 11, 2004
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