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when something is so unbelievable and cool it transcends spectacular or remarkable ...
The other day on our hike, my dog banjo remembered to grab her leash from behind the rock where we had hidden it hours earlier ... I had forgot the last time and we had to climb back up to get it ... it was respacular that she remembered!
by Elle3000 October 20, 2009
A grown up version of hippie chic. Glamorizing everyday household items and clothing accessories with ric rac, ribbon, buttons and scraps. Scarecrow chic eradicates former stigmas with painfully hip style.
A leading brand of women's backpacks called us in a panic. "Help! These bags are too boring. We need you to scarecrow chic them!"
by elle3000 January 19, 2012
At first glance, this may not sound like a very important or glamorous position. However, when the clipboard holder has an mba and calls most of the shots in an organization, it's actually the most esteemed position on the executive team.
When the scrapsisters begged Lolo to be their clipboard holder, she screeched and jumped into a joyful herky. She snached up her clipboard, and ran off to write the business plan. We're printing her business cards on recycled cardboard tomorrow!
by elle3000 January 19, 2012
someone who acts unselfishly and a makes sacrifices for the planet that might make other people think you have lost your marbles.
The other day as I was crawling into a greasy dumster to save a light fixture that still had some good bulbs, I thought,"Have I become a dumster diver?" ... then with a giddy feeling I crawled out and decided I am a huplanetarian!
by elle3000 May 17, 2010
Part of speech: verb

Definition: go back to where you started!
Dave, in these unpredictable times, sometimes the most apparent cure for discouragement is "to go back to where you started." Huh? Just re!
by elle3000 April 30, 2012
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