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Alternate spelling of dufus, doofus, etc.
To be an idiot, stupid.
What a dufiss.
You can educate a retard, but no one can help a dufiss.
by Elle January 27, 2005
Strong criticism; a critical or censorious remark; remarks by way of criticism and usually of censure, adverse criticism, reproof, blame
Cut the animadversions, bitch!
by Elle July 19, 2004
Drop mah shizznad fo'.
by Elle January 12, 2003
when u use the cloak of darkness to make your excape from a sexual interlude that is bound to be akward once the morning comes and the booze wears off
heather pulled a phantom and crept toward the door, weary of waking the gentleman snoring in the bed
by elle March 15, 2005
almost the same thing as darn
ur pretty shnookin close!
by Elle March 29, 2005
the pimpest teacher ever. Madame Snatches school of learning. Specials in teaching how to get drunk and what to do if your penis is on fire can be found overusing the saying 1-2-3 all eyes on me
drink some more vodka or Madame natch will give you a referrel
by Elle May 17, 2004
a woman's breasts...usually big 'uns
Holy shit, that chick's got a nice letterhead.
by Elle March 30, 2005
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