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31 definitions by elle

When something tastes so good, "Its like an orgasm in your mouth"
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.
by Elle February 16, 2005
44 17
Someone who spends a lot of time on the computer, watching sci-fi, reading fanasty but DOES have an actual life. Not to be confused with a NERD who also does these things but does NOT have a life. Nor to be confused with a DORK, whom both the geeks & the nerds beat up.
Someday Mr.Gates wishes to be a geek instead of a dork posing as a nerd.
by eLLe December 28, 2004
106 86
Pixy Stick
(-Coloured- sugar in a tube)
Hey, if you do my homework i'll give you some sugarcrack...
by elle March 14, 2005
14 4
How to make the loser in high school feel loved and socially accepted.
Wow, I linked myself to Mac and Lydia on friendster and whatdayya know now I have 71,943 instafriends.
by Elle November 22, 2003
9 3
In rugby: Post-match socialization with the opposing team, often involving traditional songs, drinking and food.
After the game we're going to the Men's house for the third half.
by Elle September 20, 2003
7 2
A person who is universally accepted as being good-looking.
The "Sugar Crew" are a bunch of Universal Type O girls.
by Elle August 28, 2004
4 0
The laugh that one uses to avoid awkward situations and/or interactions. Also, Awkha is often used to shorten, end, or completely skip uncomfortable periods of silence.
Person 1: I had a really tough day.
Person 2: Oh yeah?
Person 1: I got hit by a car, found out that I have AIDS, caught my girlfriend with my Mom, and found out I was adopted.
Person 2: (Insert Awkha here)
by Elle March 23, 2005
6 3