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Lonnies is when your underwear (or shorts, or pants) rides up too far into your butt or crotch causing discomfort. Lonnies are very similar to a wedgie, except Lonnies happen on their own without someone pulling on your underwear. They usually happen while walking, jogging, or running causing your underwear and/or shorts to ride up into your crevices. Or, after sitting awkwardly causing your underwear to wedge between your crack and then standing up to walk.

( this word with this definition might only be a Youngstown, Ohio or black midwesterner slang. Also, this term is usually used by females but males use it too.)

I've asked several people in different cities if they knew this meaning of the word but they didn't. I asked several people from Youngstown and they all knew the meaning. Therefore, this may be a regional or cultural word. Or both.
Ex. 1. "I hate these shorts, I get Lonnies every time I get out the car!"

Ex. 2. Friend one: stands up, takes right hand and reaches around her back with her pointer finger and thumb, grasp shorts or pants (and underwear) closest to butt crack, proceeds to pull outward and downward..
Friend two: jokingly, "ugggh girl, you digging. You know a shower will take care of that!"

Friend one: "stop playing, I got Lonnies.

Ex. 3. Person 1: why are you walking like that?
Person 2: I got Lonnies!
Person 1: dig them out.
Person 2: Ill wait till I get to the car, someone might be looking!
by elldee2003 June 22, 2013

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