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The person in your family or office that constantly preaches recycling. They dig through your trash and in front of you and your peers, call you out for not recycling. They can usually be spotted by their unusal attire of all "recycled" clothes (ie thrift store threads) (see thrift whore) or by all the recylce stickers and messaging on their messenger bag or reusable coffee mugs. They are organ donors and drive a veggie bus. See tree hugger
Michael Bolton: Did you see what Loren did the other day?

Peter: Yeah, she was totally digging out my printed out emails from my trash can and verbally assaulting me in front of Lumberg about not recycling the paper.

Michael Bolton: She's such a recycle nazi!
by ellare July 01, 2010
Your Facebook friend that makes daily posts with motivational quotes or sayings made popular by east Asian or Indian philosophers.
Chick: {{waking up for the day}} Man, what a crappy day ahead... wonder what that Facebook Buddha Mark McGrath will have to say today?


Friend to other friend - "I get so sick of Sandra Bullock's daily Facebook Buddha quotes... if I see another Ghandi quote on there, I'm unfriending her."
by ellare April 07, 2010
Occurs when you can't remember where you heard something or read something, but you know it was on your phone.

Often occurs when reading email and text messages on the go - you forget about the message until something else in life reminds you and you then remember when/where you received that text or email.

Common belief is that it occurs because since you are not sitting anchored to a desk or a laptop, you forget the message context because your attention is immediately drawn to the car in front of you, your kid screaming in the backseat, having to pay for groceries, or any other activity "on the go". See threadnesia, cell phone amnesia, e-mnesia
Lumberg: Peter, do you have that TPS report? I emailed you 2 days ago.

Peter: Oh yeah, huh. I think I got that message when I was at the strip club so I kinda forgot about it. Ya know, I do have a wicked case of Digital Amnesia now with this iPhone. Can I get it to you tomorrow?

Lumberg: Yeah, but this is your last warning.

Peter: OK - well just email me

Lumberg (in the Droidzone): Just sent it to you.

Peter: That'd be great!
by ellare October 21, 2010
Your Facebook friend that makes daily wall posts about what day the week it is... constantly reminding you that "It's definately a Monday", or "Still-a-Monday-Tuesday", or "Hump Day Wednesday", or "Almost-There-Thursday" or "TGIF!". Often accompanied with some kind of negative tone about the work week and/or asking if the weekend is here yet.
dude 1: Damn, I've been raging so hard - I dunno even know what day it is!

dude 2: Me neither, lemme consult my Facebook Calendar - oh there it is, I see we are "halfway through the work week, Happy Hump Day!"
by ellare April 07, 2010
When you mention that a person's inherently good trait annoys you.

Usually, the trait is a characteristic you wish you had.
Katie: Tom, in the 5 years I've known you, you have never had a lazy morning, you literally spring up out of bed and start working on the house or whatever needs to be done.

Tom: I hope that's a compliment

Katie: well, it's more of complainment. Sometimes I wish you would just be lazy like the rest of us. Why do you have to be all rammy all the time? I mean, really, it's annoying as fuck

Tom: don't dis, you're just jealous.
by ellare August 28, 2010

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