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derived from the base "vince", meaning someone who is generally more interesting than you. One might say he/she is the most intriguing being on the planet.

the modification, "scrince", may be used when someone is not necessarily "vince", but happens to be acting in a very "vince" manner at the time.
"ahhh yes. Chivas Royal Scotch. how scrince of you."

"you know, ive always thought of you as somewhat of a skinny, but you pounded those loko's like it was your job. i commend you scrince."

"I may not be vince himself, but we all can at least aspire to scrince someday."
by ellamspittn November 13, 2011
someone who pussies out at a party and doesn't go hard. skinny is also synonymous with the tern "lightweight", meaning someone who cannot drink a lot and boots prematurely.
"he had like 3 beers and then booted all over her tits... What a fucking skinny."

"chug. chug. chug. chug. is that all you got? you skinny bitch."

"pound that loko skinny! you wont!"

"hayden arnot"
by ellamspittn November 13, 2011

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