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A phobia of being specific. People with this fear are known to be driven into a frenzy when asked too many questions and frequently reply with: "I MUST BE VAGUE!" Most commonly misdiagnosed in teenages when their parents ask them questions about their life.
mom: so how was your day?
kid: fine.
mom: what did you do?
kid: stuff.
by eliz December 14, 2004
the study of sperm.. one who is in the field of spermology is refered to as a spermologist
When I grow up, I want to get a PhD in spermology
by eliz November 10, 2004
kickass metal-thrash band. with such songs as Duality, People=Shit, and Wait and Bleed. Originated in Iowa.
me- "Slipknot is quite possibly the best thing to come outta Iowa"
my friend- "where the hell is your slipknot cd?"
by eliz April 25, 2005

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