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When you like a girl from her clit to her ass
hunny im in the mood for snatchos....
by Elephant rider August 14, 2003
the only fraternity of the great Bisbo University which will be built in the coming eras, it has no affiliation with anyone else, it only works for itself, it teaches no morals, and it works with no one but the pledged brothers. the brothers worship the great Elephant Riders and it rules all other fraternities, it will rule the world someday.
so what frat are u in? im in the Kiosk Abacus Fracas fraternity
by elephant rider May 16, 2004
the roaming group of survivors that rose from the once glamorous bisbo empire who was ruled by one ben zoll. the many members ride together, attempting the impossible. survival although members are spread across the state and world.
the elephant riders came through town last night Staveman! they looted and pillaged our town! and they left us with a statue commemorating the bisbo empire! what do we do?!?!?!
by elephant rider May 15, 2004
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