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The illusion of remembering things from earlier in life in a favorable manner, despite how awful or crappy it really was. Often times, it is the lack of appreciation for quality as a young child to cause this. We grow better taste and judgment as adults, changing our perception of things once liked.

Frequently used to reference older video games, sometimes movies or other media.
Guy: Dude, I LOVED Phantasy Star III as a kid! I remember having so much fun with it!

Dude: Yea, it may have been good at the time, but that is the dud of the series. Just try playing it NOW, it's just the retro goggles fooling you.
by elekin May 04, 2008
Bring Back Old Facebook

The cause rallied by many, for whatever reason, to bring back the POS, neo-myspace-lookalike style. Such people who didn't complain when the time was right and now have to deal with how Facebook has changed (like how EVERYTHING ELSE eventually does).
BBOFb-er: OMGWTFBBQ! I hate this new style! I can't find anything, its so stalker-ish, and it doest work on Widows 98! BBOFb!!
Normal person: Shut up, work with it or GTFO.
by elekin September 24, 2008
To have your path obstructed by a group of geriatrics. Typically happening while shopping or while using public transit, a single senior or a group of pre-corpses can cause issues for movement. There is typically nothing that can be done to remove them. It is recommended to wait in an adjacent area or store until the path is clear. You could excuse yourself, but their feeble eyes and ears are ill-equipped to notice anyone nearby half the time making the effort moot. This can also be used to describe the wasted time used by some old fart while at a cashier or fumbling to get a needed pass or ticket.
Person 1: Hey, what took you so long to get groceries?

Person 2: Seniors day today, whole store was a massive geri-block. Took forever just to get to the back for milk. You do it next time.
by elekin July 31, 2008
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