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V.- An abreviation for a southern slang "fixing to" which is slang for "going to"

N.- Anyone who is ignorant enough to use the term "finnah" in everyday conversation.
I'm finnah eat some fried chicken.

Dude, that guy over there with his pants sagged is such a finnah.
by Elefonte July 21, 2009
the act of having a male orgasmic experience or busting a nut
My girlfriend will be doing the busting later on tonight

I'm gonna go take a shower and do the busting.
by Elefonte January 14, 2009
The term "Na'ah", pronounced: Nya-ahh, is a term used by those of the African American community. The term is an abreviation for "Nigga" but due to a heavy accent some letters do not get pronounced. It is mainly used by those who consider themselves to be a gangster or a thug.

People who use this term are considered to be finnahs, or ignorant, people of African American decent.
Yo Na'ah, we finnah go to Daykwon's crib an pick up yo glock?

Ayy Na'ah, let's get us some Popeye's
by elefonte September 14, 2009
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