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Usually someone from New York City, California, Massachusetts or a gated community that believes you should call the police when being assaulted or burglarized. They ignore that the police have no obligation to answer your call, will likely just drive by and even if they do it could be too late. Also police with the best of intentions could be an hour in many locations. Any the perpetrators will likely be back since your home/business is a safe target and had zero protection. Many of the new moderate gun grabbers actually claim only handguns are the problem. These politicians say they will not take long guns, being shotguns and rifles used by sportsmen. This ignorant response does not recognize that many people like to sport with handguns and most sportsmen own handguns as well. Worse of all it ignores most handguns are owned by law abiding citizens protecting themselves as guaranteed by the second amendment of the Constitution. Banning handguns would eventually lead to hacksaw sells going up. The dumbest of criminals could make a handgun from Rifle or shotgun in about 5 minutes.
Chris Matthews on MSNBC often goes off on people living in the South, Western States and Mid-West. He stated that for some crazy reason they think they need a gun. He said Rudy Giuliani and the people of New York City get it, people should not have guns. Him and Rudy are a couple of gun grabbers.

People were doing four home invasions a week in my town of 20,000 for a couple of month. The police were useless. Then someone shot a guy kicking in their front door. No more home invasions. That's a good enough argument for me against gun grabbers.
by Eldridge Cleaver March 09, 2008
A term that describes black people and use in order to get around politically correct language.
Sorry, I cannot hear you. There are a bunch of goddamn Canadians playing rap music.

Trent was trying to enjoy the movie but Canadians would not stop talking to the screen and using their cellphones.

That fucking Canadian tried to steal my wallet.
by Eldridge Cleaver January 27, 2008
Huge elitist, Masshole in the US Senate. When it looked like he would lose the 1994 race against Mitt Romney the Clinton supported him. To repay them in 2008 he stabbed them in the back, called them racist and threw full support behind noob Barack Obama. Not a big surprise since he has a history of screwing up Democratic elections. In 1980 he challenged Jimmy Carter and was even less coherent in his vision. What he did accomplish was weakening Carter even further and assuring greater Republican success.

In 1965 supported Hart-Celler Act.

"The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs."

Fast forward to 2006-2008. Almost verbatim on so called immigration bills.

On Firearms
“manufacture and sale of handguns should be terminated. Existing handguns should be acquired by the states.”
You don't need guns. Just live in gated homes in posh areas with high police presents like Ted Kennedy.

In 1972 Ted Kennedy got drunk on a flight in Alaska and ran down the aisle yelling "Eskimo power."

I am for replacing Ted Kennedy with the next person that illegally crosses the border.
by Eldridge Cleaver March 18, 2008
Women news readers that seem to be on air more for their looks than journalist qualifications or news reading ability. The New Bunnies can be seen on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC as well as local stations. They wear too much make-up, show cleavage and wear mini skirts that a women working as an executive would never consider. Often the directors will cut to side tit shots with the bunny thrusting her chest forward when they cut to the other camera. The side tit shot is often done when Robin Mead is on Headline News and can also be seen on Fox Business Channel.
Dude: What the hell are you watching?

News Fan: Headline News With Robin Mead. She is a news bunny.

Dude: Shit, Did Larry Flynt by CNN?

News Fan: I don't know. Let's turn it to Foxnews and look up some blond chicks skirt for half an hour as she tells us about Al Qaeda IEDs and why my kids might be getting too much caffeine.
by Eldridge Cleaver March 03, 2008
1. Reference to Barack Obama's ability to fix everything with fluffy words alone. Since he can imitate a good speaker with help of a teleprompter ignorant obamabots believe he can fix everything. He should be able to balance a budget, get free health care for deadbeats while not hurting the economy, zero unemployment and almost free solar/wind powered energy everywhere even though the science is not close to where he claims or affordable.

With his magic he was also going to make friends with misunderstood thug leaders in place like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba. Turned out they were bad and they don't like him despite being a non-white guy. They laughed and mocked him just as they did those he Succeeded.

2. Abundant in recent advertising showing smart black people helping dumb whites out with things you know damn well they are capable of figuring out.
This magic negro Barack said we can have free health care. Now he just has to find a few Trillion dollars he does not have to pay for it.

Thanks to magic negros in commercials I know to save for my kids college, buy auto insurance and take Aleve for pain. White people never knew this!
by eldridge cleaver January 01, 2012
Opposite of a Fox News liberal. Analyst or pundit labeled as "conservative" or Republican by CNN themselves. Meant to show balance of opinion. These talking head do not show the slightest deviation in opinion from their liberal counterparts who also always agree with each other. These "conservatives" agree to anything the host will say. CNN round tables consist of three or more people agreeing, during election nights as many as ten or twelve.

The so-called CNN conservatives are agreeing Al Sharpton or Nancy Pelosi again.
David Gergen agreed with Anderson for 800th time in a row that these Republicans are simply wrong and Obama was brilliant again. He's a CNN conservative.

David Brooks smiled when Piers called him conservative. He went on to praise Barack Obama, Pelosi and ripped every Republican running for office. He said we must support Obama policies. Must be a CNN conservative.
by eldridge cleaver December 31, 2011
Some Noob running for President that offers little beyond meaningless speeches with positive words like future, vision, better, we will, ect. He has been in the Senate for three years and has spent two of those years running for President. Basically he is a guy with one year on the job. As an Illinois state legislator often voted with Republicans or "present" on most bills dealing with abortion. He also voted with conservatives in the Terri Shiavo feeding tube case, bill S.636. A bill of federal intervention that took power away from the state of Florida. A vote he said he should have known was unconstitutional being a constitutional professor. As chairman of a subcommittee responsible for NATO policy he has not held a single meeting and admits it is because he has been running for President. He is for Ban the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.
Obama Voter: Barack Obama is anti-establishment and will fix everything cause he doesn't take money from corporations.

Reality: Actually 46% of his money comes from executives of large corporations like Goldman Sachs. He has them funnel funds as individual donations to keep his populist image.
I don't know how you can be anti-establishment with support from most of the Democratic party, Rockerfellers, John Kerry, Kennedys and even Eiserhowers.

Obama Voter: Fuck you racist! In his great speeches Barack promised me a Pink Unicorn, blue diamonds and purple horseshoes!
by Eldridge Cleaver March 02, 2008

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