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The worst Batman in history,only selected for the role because his huge chin fits the suit.
Man : batman and robin] sucks!.
Friend : thats because they took george clooney for the role.
by eldarman January 07, 2005
Raziel's telekinetic mutant vampire brother from soul reaver.
never got into the game because :
a)the developers were cheap.
b)no one cared.
got his ass handed to him by Raziel in a really later game.
fan:hey!,they said raziel had 5 brothers but he only kicked 4's ass.
fan2:that last dude was turel.
by eldarman January 07, 2005
The most annoying song since the macarena]
Dude :what is that annoying song.?
Another dude : thats dragostea din tei.
by eldarman January 07, 2005
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