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Marin County is a way kewl place to live, whoot. Home of what is now a rare breed: THE RICH LIBERAL. Full of yuppies, we like our In-N-Out, starbucks, soccer moms driving huge ass SUVs while on the cell phone, seeing sean penn and santana at the town center, going to safeway cause everything else closes at 9pm, and of course we love our hot tubs.
Gotta love them misguided Marin county hot-tubbers... they rock my world.
by elanor the avenger January 20, 2005
synonym= jealous, hating on,
person 1: Damn that girl is fugly
person 2: Don't be jersey, she's hot
person 1: You are hella wrong
person 2: Dude, you need some haterade
by elanor the avenger January 21, 2005
verb: to have sex, to have sexual relations, to have some fun in bed
noun: sex
Have you and Bob xoed?

Lets go to an xo shop, I need some more toys.
by elanor the avenger February 09, 2005
noun: a cheap whore, a stripper that dances for quarters
1. Hey Quarters, had a fun night last night?

2. Damn Quarters was hot last night.
by elanor the avenger January 22, 2005

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