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Prince Edward Islander. No one refers to them as 'islanders' except themselves. Anne of Green Gables has become a modern deity to these humble folk, all of whom either work in the tourism industry or grow potatos.

Islanders speak fairly normal english, with a few peculiar twists. Words like 'bagel' and 'dad' are consistently pronounced improperly. They also have no concept of a 'backpack' or 'knapsack', instead prefering to use queer little articles they lovingly refer to as 'kitbags'.

To be fair, all islanders who venture forth from the Island are good people and make great companions. Though a strange breed, they bring enrichment to the historically incestuous regions of Eastern Canada.
Bob: How did that crazy islander manage to get to the mainland so quickly??
Ted: He likely took the Confederation Bridge. You know, that ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars that's the only thing propping up the Island's economy besides Japanese tourists?
by el woodrow March 12, 2006

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