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To shimmy; To climb up something using ones arms and shins, or to perform a trick during a football match (known as soccer in deprived countries such as the U.S., where they only play non-contact sports) where the performer feints to move in one direction while taking the ball in another direction. p.s. sports where the player uses a helmet or padding are classed as non contact.
The crackhead shimmied up the drainpipe into the open window on the first floor.
He wants to shimmy the defender.
Peter Crouch shimmied past the Ecuadorian defender. It resembled an iceskating giraffe.
by El Watusi June 28, 2006
A form of walking with exaggerated movements or gestures. Usually a strange swagger or a false limp is employed, somtimes with one or both arms swinging. The purpose of the bop is to give the performer a tough or self confident image, and in the case of a limp, to suggest that he has been the victim of a shooting somewhere in his leg or waist. The more ridiclous looking the bop is, the bigger a pussy the person is likely to be. Laughing aloud at one of these performers will usually be greeted with no more than a scowl or frown, known as a screwface. If you happen to get in the way of a bop the performer may 'kiss his teeth' and may even attempt to barge past you. Do not hesitate to reprimand the performer, he is quite harmless. He may incinuate that he has a loaded pistol by cocking his fingers like a gun. It is unlikely.
Feel free to add more examples, these are examples I have witnessed -

the brixton slide - one leg walks almost normally while the other (usually highlighted with a rolled up trouser leg)is swung by the hip, so that the foot drags along the floor.

the battersea clock bop- along with a strange swagger, one arm is swung in front of the body in a pendulum like motion from left to right, as if the performer is miming a walking grandfather clock.

the Richmond hop - the performer takes three large steps, and on the fourth makes a small hopping movement. For example, he would take three steps, right foot, left foot, right foot, and instead of going back to the left he propels himself into the air off the right, lands back on the right foot and plants the left to begin the sequence again. It sometimes resembles a sprinter warming down after a race.
by El Watusi June 28, 2006
a place everybody should go at least once a year (except for anne widecombe, the British M.P.).
also called a G.U. clinic, to see if you have any sexual diseases.

they stick this needle with a cotton swab down the tiny hole on your dick, it hurts like hell. then they do it again with a bigger swab. the nurses are sexy but remember they can check up on your history.

NEVER have a relationship with a girl you meet at a GU clinic. she definately a ho. or she in a relationship with a dog. either way, keep clear, and so will your genitals.
i went to the clinic, they said i had foot and mouth, cos that dirty ho been sucking my toes.

and they said i had crabs, must have been from fucking on the beach.

by el watusi July 27, 2006
Someone who enjoys sedentary persuits, for example he or she will not play football but will enjoy playing computer football. The nerd will have a high general knowledge due to the sheer amount of time he or she wastes watching television or perusing the internet and talking to other nerds. A nerd often confuses this general knowledge with intelligence, and therefore feels that they are superior to people with social skills. A nerd often listens to music with little or no rythm, such as goth or the smiths (great band though they were thanks to Johnny Marr), especially if the music contains self pitying lyrics.
Nerds often play internet computer games, and refer to people who are not as good as them as 'noobs'. This is particularly popular insult amongst nerds for non-nerds.

It is ironic as most of them are virgins, so are in fact 'noobs' in the real world.
by El Watusi June 28, 2006
A derogatory term for a person of hispanic origin. So called in the U.S. because hispanic people wash at least once a day.
Look at that there wetback, it aint right for a man to wash everyday like he some fairy. Im going down to the border with my rifle to stop more of them mexicans coming into this beautiful land we stole from the mexicans all them years ago. I'm a wife beater.
by El Watusi June 28, 2006

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