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trance is a definition for one of the best music types in the world. there are different types of trance music such as; progressive, psychedelic, and goa.
sasha's expander is one of the best trance anthems ever.
by el turco July 10, 2008
God is a person who claims that he wrote 'n published 3 books called the old testament, the new testament and quran. God has different perspectives for his 3 main friends. For the first friend he claimed that his name was Yehova or something like that, his first friend's name was Moses, he also wrote his first book at that time the old testament. Then after a while he came again (he prolly did not like the situation that he made) and found a new friend called Jesus this time, then he made agreements with Jesus to give his copyrights on the new testament. The book was published 400 ad and sold millions (prolly copyrights brought tons of profit to god and Jesus). Finally god came to the same place once again the mid-east (what a nice coincidence he always hangs out in there) . This time he said ''my name is Allah and yours is Mohammed, so let's start writing about the same thing but this time with different rules and nuance differences'' Mohammed said ''kool'' and they wrote the quran this time.

God has always denied his friendship with Buddha and always said he did not send anything like a guy from China or whatever that area is called.

There are also suspicions about the paternal relations between God and Jesus.

-man i'm tellin' u, u gotta talk to this person and prove it to people all around u, then they start believing and worshipping u.

- what is his name???

- dude he has lots of names, you can call him god, allah or shortly something not offensive.

-man where can i find him??

-not in here though, you gotta go buy a one way ticket to the mid-east/

- i aint goin there!

by el turco July 10, 2008
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