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6 definitions by el patron himself

A more polite, euphemistic, SFW way to describe someone who would otherwise be bat shit crazy
- Dude, so you ex threatened to break your necklace while you were sleeping?

- I know! I told you she was bat guano crazy!!!

- No wonder you dumped her, she IS bat guano crazy... just send her sorry ass to Arkham Asylum already!!!!
by el patron himself October 10, 2010
Another way to tell somebody is not the brightest person in attendance, or not the sharpest tool in the shed.
- Oh my! Another D in math? This was about addition and subtraction!
- Well, what can we say, ma'am? Your son is not the sharpest knife in the kitchen

- I mean, nobody would mistake the Kardashians for rocket scientist, but the youngest one really takes not being the sharpest knife in the kitchen to another level!

- With her questions about Chicken of the Sea, Jessica Simpson proved the world that she was not the sharpest knife in the kitchen.

- We used to think Sarah Palin wasn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but along came Rick Perry to prove us wrong. And that's tough, since none of these GOP candidates now is the sharpest knife in the kitchen!
by el patron himself November 13, 2011
The combination of Twitter and Comrades, your Twitrades are those people on Twitter with whom you're much closer. You and your Twitrades share a common bond (e.g. sports, your job, a hobby, etc.) and that bond is what unites you in every tweet you send each other. Twitterades are the first people you link when you Twitpic a photo, for example and you always suggest your Twitterades on follow friday so others follow.
- Since I joined Twitter, I have found a bunch of people who really like basketball. I love having my Twitrades around because my friends here hate sports!

- Did you watch the news about Obama?
- Yeah, my Twitrades told me all about it this morning!

- I've read Kanye's tweets. I bet Taylor Swift isn't one of his Tweetrades!!!!
by el patron himself November 14, 2010
That's when you're forced to see your partner/spouse/etc only via Skype for a period of time. A play of Skype + Significant Other, if you have a Skypenificant Other, it means that (a) You're in a long-distance relationship and (b) Skype is your weapon of choice for all forms of communication (both SFW and NSFW).
- Hey, what are you doing during lunch break?

- Sorry, dude, not available. I'm having lunch while talking to my Skypenificant Other, I promised we'd talk today!
by el patron himself September 17, 2010
Someone e-mportant is someone who only matters or is relevant on the internet. People who have a vlog for instance can be e-mportant. E-mportant information is also information that doesn't have any real value outside of the web.
- Farmville, despite being so annoying, became a very e-mportant part of the Facebook experience for many people, not that you had people talking about it at the water cooler.

- Tila Tequila thought she was very e-mportant because she had a million friends on MySpace... and then she went on MTV to remind us she was just a slut!

- OchoCinco is maybe the most e-mportant athlete on Twitter. There he's funny, in the NFL he's mostly a joke!

- Once you start dating or get engaged or get married, if you don't change your Facebook status in 24 hours, maybe your relationship isn't that e-mportant to you...
by el patron himself May 29, 2011
Your FACEBOOKHOOD is the closest group of your facebook friends, those who usually appear in your newsfeed. If facebook is a big city, your facebookhood (facebook + neighborhood) are those you see in newsfeed every time you open facebook... your facebookies if you will
- Why are you making all those WWE references when talking about the BCS?

- What can I say, you're not the only wrestling expert in the facebookhood!!

- What's going on in the facebookhood?

- Right now, everybody in my facebookhood is asking cats to send them questions to their inbox and they'll reply to them in their statuses!

- So I heard your mom joined facebook?

- Yeah I know, I guess we'll have to watch out what we talk about in the facebookhood now that my mom can see the news feed!!
by el patron himself November 14, 2010