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Text language for the saying, "birds of a feather flock together." Usually used in a derogatory manner, insinuating that one clique cannot think for itself. A group of girls just "going with the flow."
Clique girl: whoa, those boots are hot!
Clique girl 2: well if she likes them then those boots are probably popular, so I love them!
Clique girl 3: if those two love those boots, I am so buying them even though they're butt ugly and cost $500.
Non-clique girl: wow. I guess boafft, huh?
Non-clique girl 2: yeah, those girls are definitely birds of a feather!
#boafft #birds ofa feather flocktogeter #going with the flow #cliques #annoying #derogatory
by El oh el October 29, 2013
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