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1. To stand in the doorway of someone's office and awkwardly stare at them until they feel extremely uncomfortable.
2. To slowly inch up to people backwards in an attempt to subtly eavesdrop on their conversation, when in fact they all notice how unsubtle you are and just make fun of you without your realizing it.
"Did you see him trying to buchalize us earlier? Why doesn't he take a hint that it isn't his business and walk away."
by el maestro February 23, 2013
You Dumbfucks, A Mamon Is A Stupid Dumass Who Says The Most Stupid Things & Is Basically A Bullshitter. It Is Taken Very Seriously When Used Correctly. I Know Its The Real Slang Definition Couse I Live In Compton(CPT).
No Seas Mamon Wey Porque Ases Eso Idiota.
by El Maestro January 07, 2005
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