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Way of measuring the creepiness of a stalker on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the creepiest. To break it down:

1-3: Non-threatening stalker. Might be creepy but not always. Unlikely to force a meeting or conversation between themself and the stalkee.

4-6: Has the potential to seek the stalkee out, but won't for certain. The middle ground on the stalker level, for those stalkers whose motives you aren't sure of.

7-9: Creepy stalker. Will go out of his or her way to try and meet or converse with the stalkee. Never knowingly go to a place you may encounter a 7-9 level stalker by yourself.

10: File the restraining order.
To determine how serious your stalker problem is, consult the stalker level scale.
by el greco January 20, 2007
Said between friends when they coincidentally say the same thing at the same time. Kind of like jinx, without the bad luck. Friends also cross their arms to form an 'X' while saying the phrase. It's taken from the movie X3: The Last Stand.
My friends and I often think similarly, which leads to many X-Men Unite moments.
by el greco January 30, 2007

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