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Canadian, yet somehow is the best insult ever. Can be used towards silly Americans or even those who are too drunk to dig a hole.
Bryson: Wowza this ham tastes horrible!
Gordy: That's not ham, it's Canadian Bacon you hoser.
by El Barto June 29, 2004
Best cat food EVER, from my point of view. Not sure what cats think of it. Sold by the ounce, or in some cases the gross. When referred to as a 12 oz can it means that person has emptied a can of soda and filled the remains with wonderful purina.
Kathy: Let's go to the movies.
Bryson: Listen "boo", only if we can sneak in a 12 oz can of purina; because I am NOT paying the $7 price at the theater concession stand...again.
by El Barto May 20, 2004
Slang term for "Double Teaming" some bitch.
Gordy: WOWZA! Look at the size of that canteloupe.

Bryson: Nigga What!?! Let's double team that bitch.

Gordy: Just hand me the canteloupe knife, slowly.

Bryson: Sounds like an order.

Gordy: I'll just get it myself, because I am sick of rogue chefs.

{Sarah enters, holding a waffle...but no syrup}

Bryson: Ah, hey Sarah...we umm were not...umm...cracking anything off.

Sarah: DO NOT lie to me.

{Sarah then hits Bryson as bluegrass music plays in the background followed by a starwipe to the next scene.}
by El Barto May 11, 2004
The programming director or director of programming for Xbox Live. Legend has it that he is the coolest person ever. His name is derived from "I Dream of Jeanie", all I can say about that is wow...he's so cool and I personally couldn't "Dream of being as cool as Major Nelson". Major Nelson is also like the Prime Minister of the Xbox Forums (a non-Union job for Micosoft by the way). Major Nelson therefore has the ability to moderate the topics posted by those who are members of the forums, and according to Ghost Hunter he can even "pull topics". One day I might become on of the elite members of his friends list. It's very difficult because there is a maximum of 100 friends that a member of Xbox Live can have. There is only one way to become a friend of MJ and that is to send a voice message detailing why you are worthy along with the friend request...after that it's in God's hand and there's nothing you can do (sry to tell you so). Finally if you want help from Major Nelson you must post a thread with the topic starting with "MNQ". For the un-hip this means "Major Nelson Question". However, if you make a bad topic such as "MNQ: Who was the first rapper" you're topic will be pulled, but atleast I'll laugh. I'd like to close with a quote by Major Nelson. Here goes nothing, "Last week was a lot of fun...we gave out a ton of t-shirts!". All I can say is astounding. To review Major Nelson equals "Half-Man, Half-GerMAN, but 100% (insert witty word for topic-puller)" or maybe it's Half-Man, Half-Heart murmuring. On a side note Major Nelson I hope this definition has proved that I am cool enough to be able to kick off someone from your friends list so that I can own a spot. Some people think that the abbreviation for Major Nelson is MNQ when in fact that means Major Nelson Question...so if you want to tell off Major Nelson call him by his incredible name and not his name PLUS Question, because then you look inconsiderate. On a final note Major Nelson is not a fan of our group we call xChat (see 2nd definition about the dashboard chat). But that does not take away from his cool-osity (my word for cool to the nth power). Major Nelson is also the creator of R&R gaming for Xbox Live. The brilliant (I actually mean that) idea behind R&R is to realize that gaming is all about fun, therefore all games are played by a group of people late at night and from what I hear Major Nelson plays with this group, and DOESN'T pull the plug. To me this sounds almost as much fun as chatting while watching the NBA Finals or Caroline in the City. To close I'd like to say too Major Nelson that I hope you and all the Forum-ers enjoyed this definition and I really do respect you, so don't be offended by any of it. *I salute you*
MNQ: Why did you pull the plug in SC:PT?
MNQ: What do I do to avoid Lupis (for those who don't know; Lupis is a dreadful skin disease that George Castanza once thought he had on the hit show "Seinfeld")?
MNQ: How do I now if a canteloupe is ripe?
A good example would be this:
Bryson: Hey will Major Nelson be around for R&R gaming tonight...?
Nancy: I hope so B-Man.
Bryson: I told you already I want to be called "Bryson the Byson".

See you on R&R tonight Major Nelson, peace.

As my friend Mike would say:
"MNQ: I OWN you, sry"...that sums it all up. Actually Mike would say I own you MNQ...which doesn't make sense and you can see why if you read the ENTIRE deifinition and did't just scroll down to the example like a slacker.
by El Barto June 13, 2004
v: To place a ski mask in a bucket of chloroform in order to coerce people.

n: "Tainted" ski mask.
I had both ski masks needed for the bank robbery, but I accidently put on the "tainted" one and couldn't jump out of the window on the evac.
by El Barto May 11, 2004
Dreadful skin disease that I won't begin to tell you about and contrary to what you heard this has nothing to do with me knowing nothing about Lupis. The most famous Lupis related scene on TV would have to be when George Castanza thinks he has Lupis after getting a skin test because of a small discoloration on his upper lip. Another famous Lupis scene on TV (Television) would have to be when Nelson Muntz of the Simpsons runs by Flanders early in the morning after Flanders wakes up with his girlfriend Sarah in the middle of a park which unluckily happened to be part of the course for the Lupis Fun Run. Nelson then says "Haha...Fight Lupis". Words as true today as they were then (2002?).
If you want to learn more about Lupis you could always read the back of a bottle of Neutrogena or visit your local library. I'd like to close with "Fight Lupis".
by El Barto June 13, 2004
This goes out to Major Nelson, XBL Director of Programming
Please don’t consider this as having any form of forum spamming
Not being traditional sending more than just the friend request
I’ll write MJ a rap that’ll hopefully not make the thread infest
The forums because I know that it’ll be the best
At least for those who can be classified as truly celest-ial
I know I can’t win by sending a voice message
All because my voice is not the most festive
I know it’ll be hard because I have to follow the Code of Conduct
Therefore can’t cuss by saying any expletive especially (the f word)
So Major I “dream” that this will get me onto your elite list
As it is all I am trying for with this rap hoping you get the gist
The first technique I tried was making a definition on Urban Dictionary
Thinking that it was necessary to add to the site’s helpful vocabulary

(Chorus 2x)
So Major I just want to be your friend
Make me a part of the elite 2nd power of ten
We can play anything you want, any game you choose
As long as you realize you may be the one to lose
So MJ just accept the request from my name
Sorry I had to make this post bringing me to shame
All I really wanted was to just play a few games.

I may come across rough or tough like your boss
But my friends list is as twisted as used floss
I need to meet people with better names than “hotsauc3”
So if you don’t add me after this, all I can say is it’s your loss
Together we can play Counter-Strike busting shots off from glocks
Or watch each other’s Driv3r replays as we swiftly shift to avoid cops
Joking with each other about eating and gaming only giving us blood clots
Playing Rainbow Six after dinner until we drop or our vision stops
Even playing NBA games bragging about the shots Shaq blocks
So tonight, yes tonight when the sun goes down showing no more light
We can play PGR 2 with all the others from R&R Night
Let’s just be friends and don’t turn on me one hundred and eighty degrees
Well, it’s all over now and I can go back to pouring Long Island Iced Teas
Thanks to all who read this, it’s another attempt to be funny….peace

(Sing Chorus in background as music fades)
Well I originally posted this in the Xbox.com Forums and I was thinking OSN I should let the Urban Dictinary community see it.
by El Barto June 27, 2004

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