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A slang term for an inexpensive, small-caliber revolver. Dave Kopel, Research Director at the Independence Institute, explains:

The “Saturday night special” is in part a linguistic descendant of the racist phrase "Niggertown Saturday Night." The obvious implication of the phrase "Saturday night special" is that it is a gun used by "niggers" to shoot each other with during their wild Saturday nights. No one denies that the people disarmed by a "Saturday night special" ban would be predominantly poor and non-white.
Saturday Night Specials are preferred by the lower classes, therefore they must be dangerous.
by el Dietcrack February 03, 2005
A label invented by high-schoolers who have a need to put other people in neat, distinct categories. Person labeled "preppy" may be anyone who:
-wears Abercrombie & Fitch
-is a cheerleader
-is in one or more on-campus club
-gets adequade grades
-appears to both shower and wash their (completely intact, possibly fashionable) clothing regularly
-does not hate everyone
-is taking college prep courses, hence the term "preppy/preppie", and the high chanes of future academic and personal success.
I may be a complete loser, but look at THAT guy! He's a...a...Prep! Yeah! Curse his non-counterculture status and willingness to be mainstream!
by el dietcrack May 31, 2004
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