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Drink of no actual fruit origin known simply by its color, Purple Drink. From the makers of Orange Drink. Can be found in most refrigerators next to Sunny D.
Ingredients for Purple Drink

"Fuck Sunny D, I want some of that purple drink."
by El Zacko September 23, 2006
The ultimate word of chat. It is a combination of 8 chat words rolled together in a massive orgy of amazing and win.
This word single handedly is capable of pwnting the fuck out of anyone in any given place in any given situation.
So Sarah, what did the rapist look like?

Did you just give me a cleavland steamer?
by El Zacko September 30, 2006
A suspiciously large brown stain found on the back of articles of clothing. Quite possibly Doo Doo
The girl in the miniskirt has bad taste, her clothes don't match, there's a pudding stain on the back, it might be doo doo!
by El Zacko September 24, 2006
The Greek god who sparked a sacred covenant to prevent pregnancy with other Greek Gods. When Condominium's sacred covenant broke with Hoecles, her son Illegitimacus was born.
"Bitch yo ass better pray to Condominium that you aint gonna get pregnant."

"I hope I don't pull a Condominium and break through this shit."
by El Zacko September 19, 2006
A term applied to Dolls that boys play with to make them seem more manly. The boys who are really compensating call them action figures.
"Hey Bobby, wanna come over after school and play with my action dolls?"

"My mom is picking me up a new wrestling action doll after school."
by El Zacko September 23, 2006
An exclamation made by those religious enough to exclude God from the phrase God Damnit. Slightly less blasphemous and slightly more hilarious.
See also
Cocker Fucker
Son of a Cock

"Aww Cock Damnit Paul, you spilled gravy all over my dvd player."
by El Zacko August 09, 2007
Acceptable circumstance to deem anyone who wears abercrombie as gay. Meerly wearing an article of clothing now is suffice to determine homosexuality.
"Oh he looks cute."
"Like you have a chance, he sucks Abercrombie and Dick."
by El Zacko August 13, 2007

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