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A bizarre sliding scale phenomenon where the opposite sex becomes more desirable as their numbers decrease in proportion to the same sex in a small geographic area. The greater the difference in proportion, the greater the opposite sex's desirability is increased. First identified on the Monterey Peninsula in California in 1989, there were almost 100,000 single men at Fort Ord and other military installations which greatly increased the number of single men compared to single women.
Dude, take her out of this sausage fest and she's nothing more than a four, maybe 5 at best. The Monterey Effect strikes again.

Thanks to the Monterey Effect, even the most disgusting land-a-tee can get laid.
by El Sadado December 03, 2007
abbreviaviation for Zone of Discretion. A time and place when it is improper to discuss certain objects, events or people. As a verb it serves as a warning that whatever is being discussed is about to be heard by someone not meant to hear. The imperative is "Z.O.D!", and is used as a warning. When the Z.O.D. is invoked the discussion of that topic must end immediately.
Argy and K-hole are talking about a slut at school. As Argy gets ready to describe her terrible B.O., the slut approaches from behind Argy. K-Hole says "I think you should Z.O.D. that."

K-Hole is discussing his love of blowing up frat boys cars and scooters while walking down the street while passing a cop not seen by K-Hole. Argy says "Z.O.D. that for later."
by El Sadado May 03, 2007
Energy drinks which are frequently consumed in copious quantities by meth fiends.
Of course Ed is spazzy, he's already drank 6 cans of tweaker juice today.
by El Sadado June 17, 2008
An attractive young girl who has not yet reached the age of consent or majority.
"That girl at the ice cream stand is a total rookie card."
by El Sadado May 03, 2007
The personal state of obsession with one performer or pornographic subgenre.
"Bill is obsessed with collecting Seka fisting tapes, he's in a state of pornogamy."

"Do you have any discs with Kirsty Waay masturbating with sandpaper, it's the only thing that will satisfy my pornagamistic urges?"

"I only buy titles with Laurie Cameron performing in them, I'm a confirmed pornagomist"

"Donkeys are the only actors that get me hard now."
by El Sadado January 30, 2007
The legal act of terminating parental rights when the objecting parent has little merit to their case. A simple legal procedure severing the child-parent relationship.
That toothless crack-ho came to her trial high on meth. Her case was a total Parendectomy.
by El Sadado July 17, 2006
To seize the drink! To take every opportunity to drink. To live each drinking moment to the fullest.
We can't get any more booze until the liquor store opens... Carpe Drinkem!

When one wakes up with an open can still full of beer... Carpe Drinkem.
by El Sadado December 03, 2007
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