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11 definitions by el negro

a car, or vehicle that does not use a turbocharger to increase horsepower.
all motor owns, who needs boost?
by El Negro September 11, 2004
28 6
term used to describe ones fighting prowess.
even at twelve years old, my knuckle game was on point.
by El Negro September 11, 2004
36 21
deragatory term commonly used in place of Longmont, CO.
often used to poke fun at residents of longmont.
A:there is nothing to do in longmont.
B: Yeah, schlongmont is pretty gay.
by El Negro September 11, 2004
18 8
Its is said when u see a fine ass chick, or when a girl starts talking dirty to you
Girl: Hey u wanna go have sex?!?!
Guy: Welll hellooooo
by el negro April 02, 2005
8 4
term used in the stabbing of another.
upon seeing person B, person A screams, "bone check" foo!. and proceeds to stab him, once, twice, or thirty times
by El Negro September 11, 2004
13 11
Post Jerk-Off Serenity
Man, I JO'ed earlier and I have such PJOS now that I can barely stay awake.
by El Negro June 26, 2003
5 5
used in place of the term, "rimming".
because some people believe Geo Storms to be gay, so they associate this word in place of a rim job.

check out COSR to learn more.
man...there are some freaky women out there, this one girl was into lickin ass. Rimjobs are gross.
person B: dont call them rimjobs, call them stormjobs, because they're gay.
by El Negro September 11, 2004
0 1