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An exclamation made when seeing a woman endowed with exceptionally large breasts.
"Whoa, are those really that big, or am I seeing double?
by el jefe June 11, 2004
When a rimjob is performed on another person while the giver is holding the reciever upside odwn by the ankles.
"Thats why I only date tiny women-WAAAY easier to perform the orbital and not cramp up."
by el jefe December 09, 2003
The act of illegally acquiring what is not yours.
Awwww man, we don't have any cables left in that drawer because somebody is always thefterizing them.
by El Jefe November 07, 2003
slang for girlfriend

my guah=my girlfriend
I love my guah!
by el jefe November 25, 2003
a package or group of things relating to the topic at hand
She went down on me and gave me the whole shebang!

See "the whole enchilada"
by el jefe October 17, 2003
A mis-spelled variation of the word pervert, most often seen in chat rooms. Often this gramatical error is dubbed "l33t" speak, in a pathetic attempt to hide their own stupidity. See pron
That prevert downloads way to much donkey pron.
by el jefe June 11, 2004
A monkey-like creature that enjoys consumption of two drinks at one time
Hey look! There goes a Double-fisting Bobo!
by El Jefe August 20, 2003

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