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16 definitions by el fredo

A website where users may create their own quizzes. This is bad for the most part, as most of these are not quizzes at all, but redundant and pointless stories about Harry Potter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inu Yasha, and a variety of other things that nobody save for 13-year-old girls with liquid shit for brains cares about. There are also various quizzes there to remind people what high school clique they are in.
Quizilla has more spam than a paranoid guy's basement.
by El Fredo October 10, 2004
Showing approval. Something that is favored.
Hey I just got a new ______.
by El Fredo April 11, 2004
Current occupying invaders of Quizilla, these monstrous creatures spam relentlessly, squandering bandwidth and making the site run slower than your granny on downers. Their weapon of choice is the crappy fanfic, typically written about a character or actor whom they only like because he's hot, even though he usually isn't.
The guppy rule should not be forgotten if you intend to post a Draco Malfoy quiz on Quizilla.
by El Fredo October 22, 2004
An action RPG by Gas Powered Games and Microsoft Game Studios, Dungeon Siege is very much like Diablo but easier and with more importance of gold and nonmagical items. Inlike Diablo, DS allows a single player to control up to 8 characters instead of 1, and the skills determine the class, not the other way around. It can also be played online, but I have yet to figure out how.

DS has given me more shit that any other program I've used. It's a fun game but be prepared to be frustrated.
Dammit, Dungeon Siege is locking up again? What the hell do you mean, "Gathering exception data"? Shit, that's the 3rd time today!
by El Fredo October 10, 2004
A word that sounds cool when said by Gollum.

No, no.
by El Fredo November 02, 2004
Enough guppies can eat a treasury.

Refers to several small and cheap projects, files, purchases, or other items expending most or all of available resources, originally a city treasury.
Get some snacks for the party, but do not forget the guppy rule.
by El Fredo October 22, 2004
A Touch of Class
A pop group with good sounds but manufactured lyrics. Lifeless and cliched are most of their songs, but a few of them are good to dance to.
Around the World by ATC was at one point the most overplayed song on German radio.
by El Fredo October 22, 2004