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It's actually not a small town, about 55,000 people, mostly white. It screams middle-class. The town is sub-divided into a bunch of little communities, Spring Glen being the best one. The middle school is a dump, although the new one will prevent blacks from New Haven attending it. The high school is filled with mostly middle class kids. Some of them think they are rich, but if they were they would not go to public school. Some of the kids think they are down with the "scene" and go to shows at The Space, those kids are losers despite what you might have heard. Kids wear Hollister like its their job, (they think that is preppy, they don't know what the word means) Hollister is the cheap version of Abercrombie, and Abercrombie is the epitome of guinea douche bag. Other kids are fake ghetto, everyone has a pierced ear with a nice fake rock in it. They are always decent at sports, but never the best. They are pretty good at hockey, and they are decent at football. Despite all the black kids they are not good at basketball, and if they were...no one would care.

There is nothing to do in Hamden but go to the Plaza. The Plaza is a barren wasteland. Most kids who graduate from Hamden go on to state schools and somehow end up back in Hamden for all of eternity. Hamden has 3 or 4 streets...Whitney, Dixwell, Shepard, and Skiff. The cops are jerks, but as long as they stay out of the north end of town I have no problem with them. The part of Hamden that borders New Haven is atrocious, you risk your life by driving through there past sundown. Hamden is also the home of Sacred Heart Academy, let's not go there (I just vomitted a little in my mouth). Hamden is run by a bunch of fools, mostly people with high school diplomas and nothing else. Youth sports is a great way to watch Hamden's future athletes mature and go to Notre Dame of West Haven (if they can afford it). If kids stay in Hamden they end up playing football at U-Wisconsin and then get arrested for drug possesion, not drafted, and move back to "H-Town" as Hamden is commonly called by the douche bags who live here. Hamden is basically as normal and mediocre as it gets...possibly the cause for all the drama the other author described.
"Hey let's go to Hamden and crash a Quinnipiac party, those girls are HOT!"
Hamden's town motto - 'We strive for mediocrity.'
"Let's go for a hike to see the castle on Sleeping Giant and enjoy the views of Whitney Avenue."
by ekneret January 25, 2006

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