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the womanly sin of purchasing and owning an over abundant amount of purses.
Today, at the mall, I resisted the temptation of purse gluttony by not giving in to buying a new purse since i already own over a hundred.
by ekamarie October 07, 2010
a person who stays on facebook all day and night. Just like a person who watches the television all day and night like a couch potato.
Holly must be a face potato today because every time I post something on her wall or on my wall, she immediately has a comment.
by ekamarie April 06, 2010
A group of girls who are so self absorbed in how they dress, and what their makeup looks like that they come across as major airheads who only flutter around in packs or herds.
Oh great, here come the Twinkie Brigade. I hope they aren't in my class cause they can be so airheaded at times. Plus, I don't want to share my makeup or let them borrow my clothes. They are so me, me, me.
by ekamarie April 07, 2010

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