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The consequence of a really, really bad vehicle accident, in which the occupant(s) of the vehicle(s) are converted to a substance resembling jam, which is then distributed over a considerable area.
"There was a crash on the southbound side of the expressway, some poor guy on a bike ended up as humanberry jam spread acoss three lanes....."
by eighthofseven November 27, 2007
Gasoline fuel intended for piston aircraft engines. It has a relatively high Octane number compared to fuel for road vehicles; AVGAS is usually 110 (110 LL) whereas road fuel is in the 89 to 93 Octane range.
"This damn engine pinks under load !"
"You tried running it on AVGAS ?"
by eighthofseven October 23, 2007
Intentional corruption of the term "fly by wire", i.e. an aircraft who's flight control system has no physical link between the pilot's controls and the external control surfaces, relying instead on computers. A complex and malfunction-prone system, leading to a certain background amount of low-level panic amongst those required to fly such aircraft, either as crew or passengers.
"These damned die-by-wire Airbus jobs give me the Brown Trousers every time I get in one"
by eighthofseven October 23, 2007
Felix domesticus, the common or garden pet cat.
"That damned flea hotel from next door has crapped in the flowerbed AGAIN !"
by eighthofseven August 13, 2007
A firearm issued for personal use by a soldier, typically an assault rifle for enlisted personnel or on occasion a pistol for comissioned officers.

"keep you personal weapon within reach at all times"
by eighthofseven October 25, 2007
Crumb blindness is a genetically transmitted condition which expresses itself similarly to haemophillia; both males and females acn be carriers, but it only exhibits itself in males.

Sufferers from crumb blindless are unable to see the mess left in food preparation areas as a result of the hasty assembly of snack foods, especially when this occurs during intervals in televised major sporting events.

The result is a kitchen strewn with torn-open bags and packets, carelessly discarded dirty cutlery, and crumbs everywhere.

When confronted with the "evidence", the sufferer from crumb blindness will profess genuine astonishment, having been completely unaware of the effects of their activity until it is drawn to their attention by their (usually female) partner.

Crumb blindness in females is extremely rare, and the subject of special study; in males, 100% of the population carry the gene, and it is expressed to some extent in over 70% of adult males.

There is no known cure, but single males tend to suffer more than those with long term partners.
"Christ ! Look at this place ! How much mess does it take to make one sandwich ?"

"Sorry, hun.... I just didn't realise......I think I have crumb blindness"
by eighthofseven August 13, 2007
Stealing stuff ... often, very nice stuff, usually from work.

May include but is not limited to office supplies, computer parts, food and drink.

The justification is that the item(s) would have been thrown out anyway at some point so you're just going with the trend and saving the planet by recycling them a little "early".
Geek 1: "Check out my Blu-Ray rewriter"

Geek 2: "Oh, cool ! Where did you get it ?"

Geek 1: "Er ... it came from work ... I indulged in a bit of preemptive recycling ..."
by eighthofseven April 06, 2010

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