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Hair Compensator is a guy who is going bald on top but grows a ponytail in the back. Also grows a massive beard to make up for lack of head hair.
Hey look at pony tail dude. Yeah, what a Hair Compensator...he went bald on top so he is making up for it by growing it long in the back. At least it's better than a comb-over Trump style !
by EightBall February 05, 2014
A nasty hot dog bought from a street vendor. Probably been floating in rancid dirty water all day and handled by some smelly dude sweating on the sidewalk all day.
Dude, what are you eating ? I'm eating a street dick, very delicious and nutritious. Nothing like street dick, breakfast of champions.
by EightBall August 02, 2012
Superior smugness exhibited by people who adopt dogs and cats from rescue shelters as opposed to those who get their pets from breeders.
Cocoa is a rescue dog I adopted from the shelter. People who buy from dog breeders are so pretentious and selfish ycet are nowhere near as annoying as my RescuePeriority.
by EightBall March 16, 2015
when something is sooo so lame
"House music is soooo passe"
by eightball November 06, 2004
A legend in his own right; one who brings insight unto others; has an answer to anything ie. the 'magic eightball'; both self serving & self righteous; one who brings both chaos and clarity to any situation- now that's a conundrum!
"OMG it's eightball!!"
"Dude, where's eightball tonight?"
"It's times like these you need eightball"
by eightball July 29, 2004
when someone suddenly takes on stereotypical homosexual qualities, which usually out of character for that person
"...so i punched him in the gut, and then he just gayed up on us"
by eightball August 05, 2004

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