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the best high school hockey team in the ISL and New England, smokes Milton every single year, even when they try to buy themselves a team. much better then the wannabe hockey players from Thayer, and all the other schools. Leaves all other teams in their dust as they put on clinics.
Dude, did you just see Nobles smoke Milton?
by eh March 02, 2005
good kid but sometimes gets out of control with talking
by eh September 27, 2003
A delicious item that is purchased, taken or given. It is usually consumed afterwards.
I ate a Milkyway2heaven for lunch.
by eh July 20, 2004
A complete stud from the great country of England. One who attracts women from all over the world and has the golden touch if you know what I mean. A sexy bastard that rapes campas in his spare time.
Damn foo, did u get her number or what?
Yea dawg of course!
Shit, ure such a Sundip!
by eh July 18, 2003
1) A hot piece of ass.
2) A very sexy individual.
Is that -MrPeanut-? That's hot.
by eh July 20, 2004
a smurf who looks like an eight year old lemur
luke, bathe your heemal before going out with your friends, it stinks like aging cheese
by eh June 21, 2003
a boy that does not take a shower or shave everyday and only does it when his girlfriend complains of scratchiness
There is a riff raff in my bed!
by eh May 07, 2001
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