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During a fire drill in a school or other such public building, you and your significant other hide in a closet or somewhere small and deserted, then when the building is clear you proceed to have sexual intercourse, finishing as everyone comes back into the building and joining the rest of the crowd. If done correctly nobody will ever find out about your actions.
Matt: Dude where were you during that fire drill today?
Jeremy: My girlfriend and I did a fire drill quickie. We fucked in the bathroom while everyone was outside. It was epic.
#fire drill #quickie #fuck #sex #coitus
by eg3311 December 28, 2011
A census-designated place in Falls Church, VA where Route 7 and Route 50 intersect. If Northern Virginia's traffic was a sentient being, Seven Corners would be its heart.
Matt: Dude, why are you so late?
Jeremy: I was stuck in Seven Corners for 30 minutes. The traffic there fucking sucks.
#fairfax county #virginia #nova #traffic #washington dc
by eg3311 December 24, 2011
The act of shitting in the gas tank of someone's car.
Yeah, Jeremy refused to give me a ride home last night, so i gave his car some natural fuel.
#car #gas #fuel #friend #vehicle
by eg3311 July 07, 2012
When your significant other is giving you a blowjob, you point your dick up a little so that the head scrapes the roof of their mouth.
John: When Mary was blowing me last night, I started scrubbing the roof. It felt amazing!
#blowjob #sex #mouth #dick #bootylicious
by eg3311 October 06, 2012
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