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1. (n) Refering to an undercover security officer working for a private company (derog);
2. (n) An informant or 'inside man' working for the police or a federal agency (derog);

From the word 'coolie' used as a derogatory for Asian hired asian labor. 'Coolie' itself comes from an Indian word for hired labor.
"See those rent-a-cops over there?"
"Yea, those coolies stick out like Al Sharpton at the RNC."
by effabledan December 28, 2004
A dissasociative drug which is often mistaken for a hallucinogen for it's psychogenic properties. Often found in cough syrup, as it does a great job at supressing coughs.

Overdose symptoms include: liver damage, increased body temperature leading to brain damage, hallucinations (feeling disconnected from oneself) and euphoria.

Anyone attempting to use this drug recreationally should be EXTREMELY careful, as you WILL NOT have control over your actions.

Think PCP when you think DXM. It is completely different from 'tripping' out on LSD.
See that idiot over there drinking Robitussin? He's trying to trip on DXM.
by effabledan December 29, 2004

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