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Best state ever! To be a true Marylander you got to at least like crabs little bit. We have Maryland accents and farms are in your neighborhood or are near one unless you live in the city. The city is ghetto and kind of dirty but only a half hour to an hour away depending on where you live. Maryland girls go to the mall a lot and can be found wearing hollister and aeropostale. Most marylanders are republicans. We get all types of weather here. us marylanders are cool people!
Girl 1: I live in Maryland
Girl 2: no way! That's so cool! I wanna live here!
Girl 1: you should. Harford county rocks!
Girl 2: (moves to harford county) this place is awesome!
Girl 1: I know! Let's go to the mall!
by eesingz48 August 23, 2011

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