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used after jacking off to help clean up cum
fuck, where are the tissues, i have jizz all over my hands
by edwin gaffney March 07, 2006
One of the greatest and offensive websites with strictly cartoon animations more often than not including sexual content.

The new sick animation cartoon is hilarious, I almost pissed my pants!
by Edwin Gaffney February 01, 2006
giving a
blumpkin to Donald Trump
Yo did you see that bitch on the Apprentice? The only reason she got that far was because she was giving Donald Trumpkins every night
by Edwin Gaffney February 01, 2006
Blumpkin Pie is a delicious home made recipe that any male with or without cooking skills can make.

While receiving fellatio you shit in a pie tin. Then as you are cumming, you put the cum ontop of the poo poo. Then you shove the girl's face into the pie and force feed her the rest of the meal. This is ganranteed to be a meal she wil never forget and will talk about it for years to come.
Carina: What the fuck is your problem?

Brian: What are you talking about?

Carina: The blumpkin pie you made me eat last night... there must have been a tainted substance in it because i feel nauseous and i think i'm going to blow chunks!

Brian: oh, well just don't get any on my shoes, they are new.
by edwin gaffney May 11, 2006
one who gives the ultimate blumpkin.
Mike: Yo Brian is the Blumpking!
Carina: Why?
Mike: Because he gave me the ultimate blumpkin.
by Edwin Gaffney April 22, 2006
A unique derivation of borrowing that usually involves the person who takes the object not telling the person that they take it from. In other words stealing.
Edwin: Yo were'd you get that sweet bling?

Mike: I, um, creatively borrowed it from my neighbor!

Edwin: Creative borrowing? What is that?

Mike: I just stole it from rich guy next door.
by edwin gaffney May 11, 2006
Men in a circle (usually in the outdoors) giving each other blumpkins.
Bob: My gay brother said he was in a blumpkin chain the other day
by Edwin Gaffney February 01, 2006
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