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the rapper slang for the word women. not the meaning for a female dog. terrible rap spelling
you dirty bitchaz lets do fukz
by edwierdo May 28, 2006
a ratty gangster word for sexual intercourse. only used in terrible ratty south auckland rap songs.
y'all bitchaz from the hood come and fukz me
by edwierdo May 28, 2006
used in the g-unit songs. it comes out as unat instead of g-unit.
g-g-g-g-g-g-g unat! yeah boy raps
by edwierdo May 28, 2006
a poo shrine is usually made at a really bad party. to start with, load up the bottom of the toilet with toilet paper.

tell the first man to take a shit on the toilet paper.
Get the second person to take a dump ontop of it.
Keep going until you reach the brim of the toilet.

It takes a while and is hard to get enough people to fill up the toilet. don't tell the host, it is hillarious. Very very hard 2 clean. Great party trick!!
awww man i had a party and 20 guys left a huge poo shrine in my toilet. This is going to take forever to clean out!
by edwierdo May 28, 2006
a haircut that is worth $10 and looks like a ten dollar cut. in other words the worst haircut ever.
dude i cant believe u got an issac cut! why didnt u go somewhere else!
by edwierdo August 16, 2005

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