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to pleasure ones self
when i got home on friday, i was thinking of edward cullen and his cold, wet things. Then i got really wet, needing something to get me over this, i slipped into bed, took off my underwear, and hoisted my legs up into the air, starting the masturbation process.

Then i rubbed my pussy, wondering how long i could tantalize myself before i would explode, then i started rubbing with two fingers, getting hornier. i slipped one finger in, but that wasn't enough. I slipped another in, then another. FInally i started the fingering, and then i rubbed my breasts, and started moving my fingers up and down instead of in and out. I could feel my breasts shaking as i was pleasuring myself. I cringed, my toes spreading, my back curling up. I went harder and faster, then slowing down, waiting a while, then i shook harder and faster and exploded into vaginal throbbing. My heart was racing and my breasts were tingiling, and my toes were uncurling. OH YES YES YES
by edwardisthesexistmanalive December 08, 2008

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