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4 definitions by edward houssein

After a girl takes a shit, you shove it in her pussy, mixing it with some buttermilk pancake mix(cum is used instead of milk). You then proceed to fuck her mixing it around. Next you get the mix and pour it on a pan and cook it for a late nite snack.
Last night Jimmy started to crave some chocolate pancakes, so he went into the kitchen to find that he only had pancake mix but no chocolate substances. So instead he decided to use his girls fresh shit. He got horny so he shoved the shit in her pussy and added the pancakemix to it. He started to fuck her and mix it around he came so much that it provided a nice milk like fluid. He then poured it in a pan and cooked and had himself nice Buttermilk Brownies.
by edward houssein July 10, 2008
27 20
when you get a blumpkin in an outhousee new
jeb got a country blumpkin in his nice new outhouse
by edward houssein November 18, 2007
10 4
when recieving anal secks, the girl takes a shit, creating a jam (it would help for the terd to be log-like for maximun effect)
When i was giving anal my ho decided to take a shit, which made a turkish traffic jam and it was difficult to thrust farther. I am sure that her O-Ring is busted.
by edward houssein July 10, 2008
16 27
To take a shit in a girl's cunt
"So i was in bed with my girlfriend when i discovered that i had to take a shit, so i gave her a Puerto Rican Port-o-Potty by smushing her vag to my asshole and i laying a hot terd." said Julio
by edward houssein November 18, 2007
16 36