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A girl who has an awesome respecful loyal freind. Whom buys her movies and popcorn and candy and gifts and stuff for chrismas and her birthday and etc. Jasmine never says thank you. Jasmine can be a nice freind..sometimes. But she usually texts or says hi to her freind by calling her a punk, or some madeup word she uses. She gets mad at her loyal loveing freind for no reason. Her freind always says sorry and try s to be freinds again. Even if she didn't do anything. Jasmine never thanks her freind's dads for all the car rides and paying for the movies and inviteing her to go places. Threatens her loveing freind playing or not she enver says jk Even though they knew eachother for a long long time now . Her freind as been awesome to her. She doesn't care...
Freind: Hiii
Jasmine. : Hey punk .
by edvfjkdsnbjthbgtb September 23, 2010

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